This is a story I am currently writing on a different blog. Please do have a look. Feedback is always welcomed.

Originally posted on Evan Hert's story:

I was on the edge of the roof, on the thirty-third floor. I was not alone, he was here too, he had always been there, in my head. I hoped things could have ended differently, but the universe had not seen things that way. I strengthened my grip and in my head, I started recounting all the events that had lead me here.

It started on my sixteenth birthday while I was sleeping. It was in a dream, or so I thought back then. It was a strident voice, from a clearly distressed man. It was screaming:

“Let go of my leg! Let go!”

Then it just stopped.

The strength of the voice had woken me up and had left me with a slight headache. After some long minutes watching my moonlit ceiling, I managed to slip back into lighter dreams.

It woke me up again around 04:00, a time…

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